Ghost Child

The corruption of the government is at an all time high as President Janelle Jones (Streep) continues to pass legislation that strips the people of their rights in favor of power-hungry, lobbying corporations. In the midst of this political turmoil is Dominic (Pasqualino), one of the Ghost Children, a group of adolescents who are kidnapped at young ages and genetically enhanced to be the loyal tools of criminal mob boss Zebidiah Lance (Pace). 

When he runs away, Dominic finds himself at the center of a tangled web of trouble — government official Laura Mathis (Maslany) gives him a bed in her apartment and, discovering his unique capabilities, struggles with the temptation to let him become the key to her anarchist conspiracy; activist leader Ava Nelson (Cox) wants him to join the revolution of the people, growing more disruptive and dangerous everyday; Lance is tearing the city apart to find him with his financier, the corrupt CEO Hagen Leavell (Cheadle), on his heels to make sure Dominic doesn’t reveal his dirty dealings; and fellow Ghost Child Malia (Guerrero) has moved up in the criminal ranks as Lance’s apprentice but has her own agenda to follow, with or without Dominic.

When Dominic meets Leavell’s son Hoyt — the only one who seems uninterested in manipulating him— Mathis finally begins to realize the danger she’s put Dominic in.

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"they’re  p r i m i t i v e. no, they’re honest.”

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The most powerful oppressor is not the one who can kill, but the one who can convince the world that the oppressed deserves their oppression.


"There are some parts of the world that, once visited, get into your heart and won’t go. For me, India is such a place. When I first visited, I was stunned by the richness of the land, by its lush beauty and exotic architecture, by its ability to overload the senses with the pure, concentrated intensity of its colors, smells, tastes, and sounds… I had been seeing the world in black & white and, when brought face-to-face with India, experienced everything re-rendered in brilliant technicolor."
- Keith Bellows, National Geographic Society

TRACK: Bye Bye Bye
ALBUM: No Strings Attached

Bye Bye Bye - *NSYNC

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Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Resource Post


Hey!  How’s it going tumbls.  I see we’ve got some Israel/Palestine feelings going around.  Good.  You should.  (You should also not feel required to read all this text blobbing; you can just skip to the resources behind the cut if you want!!)

But I know this conflict is crazed and heady, and so because it was asked and because I think it’s important, I’m going to write up a brief and totally not comprehensive list of books and websites I think you can read to learn more about this conflict.  I’ve tried to include a variety of perspectives, and folks should feel free to tack on whatever things I’ve missed in any reblogs.  

The most important thing I want you to know about this conflict is it is complicated but learnable.  And though it is difficult to know everything you need to know in order to understand how we got to this place in 2014 (I certainly don’t know all of it), it is less difficult to understand what possible solutions might look like and, frankly, solutions are what I am most interested in.  And I also believe we cannot find those solutions unless we understand what drives all sides of this conflict.  This is, perhaps, a controversial opinion in a conflict with asymmetric power dynamics, where one group is occupier and another is occupied.  But it’s what I believe.  It’s okay not to agree with that, some days even I don’t agree with that, but it is the primary thinking behind this post.

So here’s what I’m giving you: perspectives.  Most of which I like, some of which I don’t (but I’m not sharing which), and a hope that you will find something that speaks to you. 

So.  Here we go.  A disclaimer I’m offering: I’m a two-state solution kind of gal, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fine.  I’m not writing this post to push an ideology on you, I only mention it because that’s where most of these resources land.  I’ve tried to put a few resources for one-staters in here, but I’m sure I’m missing some classics, so, please, if you know good books about a one-state solution (or two-states! Or right wing nationalists that you think people should read to be really afraid of Caroline Glick!), reblog and add them at the end so people can make up their own minds.  This whole list is eons from complete (it’s actually shorter than I’d like, despite this intro), and honestly I spend most of my time reading up on the settlements and the blogs I link to at the bottom, so this leans heavily in that direction, but I’m relying on the rest of the internet to fill in my gaps.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  • salazar: so i tried to apparate down here this morning
  • helga: did you find that difficult?
  • salazar: i did i absolutely did
  • helga: we found a way to make apparition impossible on the grounds
  • salazar: but how will i get to my office quickly
  • helga: slither in?
  • salazar:
  • helga: hahahahahaha
  • salazar:
  • helga: your face hahahahaha

Elie Saab Haute Couture Autumn 2013


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